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Read our customer's testimonials:

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the broccoli rabe this week. After letting go of the prejudices of the bitter experiences of rabe in the past...I dove into an experimental concoction and it turned out much better than I expected!

Also, the asparagus didn't survive the trip home, must have been the little rabbits in the back seat :)

Thanks again and we look forward to next week's pleasant surprises!
Alicia McCullough

We have been RPFA members for a few years and have always been impressed with the variety and quality of the food we receive.  Going weekly to pick up our bag is a family event—we love that our children not only get to learn how to eat seasonally, but that they also have the opportunity to get to
know some of the people who grow their food.  We so look forward to the
arrival of spring so that we can begin our weekly pick-ups—and we mourn when the season is over.  We love being RPFA members, as we are hungry people who enjoy great, local food.
                                --The Rife Family

We have been members of Rolling Prairie for several years, and have been very pleased.  In addition to getting fresh local product every week, we enjoy the variety of vegetables which appear in the bag.  For some new (to us) items, we have to consult the Rolling Prairie Cookbook for information and recipe suggestions, and the results are usually excellent.
                         -Sharon  and Bob Brown

This is a great organization for people who love food and care about where it comes from.  I have been a member for 10 years and am continually amazed by the quality of produce they provide.
                                      - Nancy Biles

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Member Farms:

~East Stone House Creek Farm~

~Hoyland Farm~

~Maier's Farm~

~Sandheron Farm

~Wakarusa Valley Farm~

~Conway's Produce~

Nineteen Seasons and Still Growing

Rolling Prairie is the oldest Midwest vegetable cooperative.   The original group of farmers joined together in 1994 providing a vegetable subscription service to Lawrence and Kansas City.  Over 300 households receive a weekly bag of locally grown produce during the growing season.  While not all of our farms are now certified organic, we still follow the same natural, ecologically sustainable, organic practices for growing food we have used since we started nineteen years ago.

What is a Farmer's Alliance?

Rolling Prairie Farmer's Alliance is a special type of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). We call it a produce subscription service because our customers subscribe to our service for a season's worth of produce. The farmers in the alliance operate as a cooperative, which serves as a kind of insurance policy for the subscribers. The seven farms span four counties in the rolling prairie of Northeast Kansas. If one farm gets frosted, hailed out, flooded, dried up, or attacked by grasshoppers, chances are others can take up the slack. We become more efficient in our marketing efforts, which leaves us more time to concentrate on growing food without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We occasionally draw products from other local farmers to add variety.  While this produce isn't always organic, we do our best to make sure it is grown by conscientious local farmers. We have been doing this longer than the vast majority of CSA's in the country, and Rolling Prairie is fairly unique as well in its cooperative structure.

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