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Every week, starting in May, we deliver a bag of fresh produce for you at one of four drop off sites. You choose which site is most convenient for you. Typically, a regular bag includes 6-8 produce items, a few of which offer you a choice (say, between carrots and beets, or between zucchini and cucumbers). The economy bag (available in Lawrence only) usually includes 5-7 items, some of them in smaller portions. All the produce is cleaned and bunched, and ready to bag.

We also start the season for a limited number of customers in Lawrence at least two weeks early (around the middle of April), and extend it a few weeks after frost. In 2008 we were able to supply over 40 customers in Lawrence through most of November and into the first week of December.  

Returning members have priority in reserving spots until February 1, at which point we take all subscribers until our sites are full. New subscribers pay a $88 deposit and receive a copy of our Rolling Prairie cookbook. Previous subscribers pay a deposit of $78. The deposit covers administrative expenses, but the equivalent of three weeks' bag cost will be returned to you as credit at the end of the season.

Subscribers then pay $18 per week for the regular bag or $15 per week for the economy bag through the rest of the season. You don't have to pay each week. We will collect your payment at the beginning of the following month. This makes us different than many CSA's, in which a lump sum is collected at the beginning of the season, and customers assume more of the risks of farming. We feel that if you compare our prices with other CSA's you will find ours to be very reasonable.

What if I go on vacation?

No problem. Just call your site coordinator 3 days in advance. Members can cancel twice per season; if you must be gone longer, we suggest that you have a friend pick up your bag for you.

Do I have to pay if I forget?

If you do not let us know ahead of time we will go ahead and prepare the bag. We'll try to donate the produce to a charitable organization if you don't pick it up, but remembering to pick it up is your responsibility, and we will have to charge you for missed bags.

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